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Join me at the 2020 @nowilaymedowntosleep Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Virtual Remembrance Walk on Saturday, October 3rd. For various reasons, the Fall NILMDTS Walks have been combined into one big virtual experience. And the @psofpugetsound walk will also be combined with #nilmdts to support our community.

I am walking as part of the Virtual NILMDTS Remembrance Walk in honor of Zachary and hope you will join me to remember him and all the precious babies that have died due to #miscarriage, #stillbirth, #SIDS, #neonatal or any type of #infant #loss. It doesn’t matter where you live or how far you walk, with the virtual format you are able to participate however you want!

Zachary will be turning 9 this November. How has time flown so fast? Help us support Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep by donating in his memory. Tyler and I support NILMDTS in various ways – volunteering and financially – throughout the year because he is not here with us but this is somewhere that makes a difference and the money we would have spent on Z can go to this amazing cause to help other babies memories live on through photos.

In honor of Zachary’s upcoming 9th birthday this November, let’s come together to raise funds to cover AT LEAST the cost of serving 9 families ($125 each) AND for 9 volunteers to join ($35 each) AND for 9 nurses to get registered ($50 each) for when #volunteerphotographers aren’t available.

So please consider donating and/or register to join us for this year’s Virtual Walk. We can all walk together for Z even if we are miles apart <3 #losscomposite #alwaysthere #alwayswithus #someoneismissing #littledipper #stars #ocean #familyphotography #seabrookwa #virtualwalk #nilmdtsawareness #nilmdtsphotographer #YOUareNILMDTS #clickinmoms #clickmagazine #clickphotohunt20 #nightsky #ocean #beach #reflections

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  1. G.G.

    Beautiful photo made in memory of your sweet Zachary. Good luck on your Virtual Walk on October 3rd.

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