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September 1, 2014

Conner is just like his big sister! He got his very own amber necklace to help with teething.

@ He has been extremely drooly (on top of the extreme spitting up) so I figured it was time for him to wear his amber necklace to supposedly reduce inflammation. I don’t know it if truly works but Vivian was pretty darned good throughout her teething (she is currently working on her last tooth besides molars) so I’d rather not test the theory!

August 30, 2014
Bag toss

Last weekend… well I guess two weekends ago now - we went camping at Money Creek Campground. Sadly, this was the only time we actually got out camping this summer besides the Robertson’s backyard test run.

We arrived Friday afternoon along with the majority of the gang who was joining us for the weekend. We had dinner and chatted for quite some time. Luck would have it that we all were ready to retire right as a light rain started. Unfortunately Tyler and I learned an important lesson about how we need to sleep in Blue. Viv likes to fall asleep downstairs so Tyler decided to just sleep down their with her and I went up with Conner. That was a bad idea. I couldn’t sit comfortably to nurse Conner and after a bit of frustration I finally made Tyler switch and climb up with a passed out Viv and sleep up there. It was a poor night sleep on my end but oh well.

Conner’s camp chair (Viv kept trying
to jealously push him out of the kid one)

Saturday morning we all woke bright and early to the slightly before 7am train that ran by - oh, did I forget to mention our campsites sat directly next to a frequently used railway? At first the kids freaked out at the thunderous roar and “choo choo” of the train but we were able to eventually make it something exciting when we felt is nearing. Even though it came by every few hours, all the kids seemed to sleep through it at night.

That morning we walked to the beach down on the river and the kids had a blast playing in the sand and water even though the sun was not yet out and it was pretty darn chilly.

Playing and hanging out at the river
The beautiful and ever so pregnant Nora

After naps we all went to a “toddler friendly” hike around a lake that turned out to be rather intense because it appeared seldom hiked with lush overgrown plants (including prickers blackberry bushes), lots of mud, down trees, large roots and difficult to navigate terrain even for us more experienced hikers. All of our shoes and feet were completely soaked from the deep mud in spots but at the end of the hike (which mind you was the beginning as it was a circle) we found the beach we were searching for and it was a lovely spot to swim and wash off as the sun was beginning to set.

Cute Camper Conner

All the kids went to bed and we had another fun evening with friends around a campfire. Saturday night’s sleep went much better after our lessons learned the night before. I actually felt slightly rested rather than run ragged with the early morning wake-up call.

After an leisurely breakfast and some fun playtime we all started packing up to head out. Our trip had come to an end. Vivian fell asleep in the car almost immediately and when we arrived home rather than transfer her, Tyler popped the top and took a snooze above her while I headed inside to nap with Conner. I got the short stick on that one because Conner was not even remotely interested in napping. So when Tyler and Viv woke up a few hours (yes plural) later he took the kiddos and I got a short but much needed nap.

Camping with kiddos is a lot of fun but sure does wear us out!

Family camp trip


August 28, 2014

Yesterday night we heard Conner’s first real giggles. Music to my ears!

August 25, 2014
Untangling balloons… a lost cause!

My dear friend, Nora, is expecting her second little man - as we found out a few months ago and I got to be the keeper of the secret for a few days before the big reveal - and because we didn’t get to celebrate her first little guy before his birth (we didn’t become such close friends until the kiddos bonded us) I, along with Keri and Marissa, wanted to throw a fun celebration to really get Nora and Adam excited and help it sink in that this second little dude is about to join our world.

So the planning began and it was decided we’d throw a surprise party! I got Adam on board and got a list of close friends - guys, girls and kids - and got the show on the road.

River and a very excited Vivian hanging out on the bench
The happy family

Saturday was the big day! Marissa, Keri and I got together that morning to get some last minute supplies, enjoy lunch together and properly catch up since we’d probably not have a chance at the party and it had been a while. Then later that afternoon we met at the park to decorate the picnic shelter. Guests started arriving and shortly after, we saw Pablo (Nora and Adam’s dog) walking up the trail so we got ready and when they cleared the trees we all yelled “Surprise!!!”

The surprised mama!

Everyone greeted the guests of honor and from there the rest is history. The party was a blast and all the kids had a great time playing with each other and running around. The weather could not have been any better and a good time was had by all.

Karen and Marissa
Conner and Tyler
Keri and Nora
Sweet Viv

Now the big question is, when will this new little man make his big debut? Weigh in on their baby pool! There is no prize except for the bragging rights that you guessed closest.

We are so excited to meet this little guy!

August 20, 2014
getting pumped pre-race

A few weeks ago Shelby asked me if I was interested in running a 5K Mud Run. I kind of blew it off at first but she didn’t let up and asked me again. Finally I gave in and decided, sure, I could do that. I wasn’t a huge fan of the whole mud idea but I needed some extra motivation for running.

Last weekend Shelby, Alejandra and I did it - the Mud Factor 5K Obstacle Run. It was pretty fun and interesting. The first part of the course was running and about halfway through the obstacles started.

a water slide cool down!
slipping in the mud

First there was small climbing obstacles, some over/under obstacles, a huge water slide (my favorite), rope wall climbing, running into and out of the lake, taller rope wall climbing, net climbing, ladder climbing, lots of climbing!!! Then in the last mile the mud began. We had to army crawl and swim in a deep pool of mud. I was trying to enter slowly but ended up slipping on the steep slick mud hill and basically went under the muddy sludge.

a quick photo op after running
the second water obstacle
finishing the final obstacle strong…
after waiting in line!

Running with lake soaked shoes and clothes was a change but it sure was nothing compared to running while covered in mud! Slosh, slosh, slosh!

The final obstacle was another mud army crawl and it was a bit anticlimactic since we had to wait in a very long line as we had caught up to the other wave of runners.

We ended strong and considering this was the first race postpartum and included obstacles I was proud of myself. We finished in about 35 minutes. After the run we all promptly went into the lake to wash off the best we could!


August 19, 2014
Little love, go back to sleep. Mama is tired and it’s not time to play!

Little love, go back to sleep. Mama is tired and it’s not time to play!

August 18, 2014

Conner has gotten so big! At two months I never mentioned that he weighed 11 lbs 13 oz and was 23.5 inches long (a pound and an inch bigger than his big sister was). I know he has continued to grow a lot because he has busted out of his 0-3 month clothes. I’ll have to weigh and measure him tomorrow when he is awake since I forgot to today and he is already off to dreamland for the night.

Every day he gets more and more alert and smiley. He definitely has eyes for his big sister. Vivian can always get a smile out of him and a little chuckle (not quite giggling yet but seems soooo close). Conner continues to be a super mellow fellow and his schedule is something like this:

  • 7:30pm bedtime routine starts - Ty takes care of Viv and I nurse and take care of Conner.
  • 8pm - Conner is usually passed out by now.
  • sometime between 12-1am Conner wakes for a midnight snack and goes immediately back to sleep.
  • 3 hours later he wakes for a meal again.
  • Depending on how his wakes go previously he is usually ready for another meal sometime between 5-7am and from that point on he sleeps in bed with me until Vivian wakes up.
  • 8:30am Viv usually wakes up and plays in her room while I nurse Conner and put him down to either sleep or play.
  • 9am Conner is back up and ready for playtime while we finish breakfast. He is happy to play on the mat or in the bouncer usually.
  • 10:30am nap time for Conner. He seems to sleep in 30 minute increments and I am trying to get better about not intervining with a pacifier. This is also where the schedule usually gets fuzzy depending on what activities we have planned with Vivian. If we go out he usually dozes in and out in his car seat.
  • 1:30pm Conner naps again. Usually this is dictated by when Vivian can be put down for nap. She goes first then Conner if he’s ready. Otherwise he has mommy time.

No real pattern can be figured out the majority of the afternoon. The only real constant is bedtime for Conner. It still amazes me that he fell into a bedtime routine so quickly. Vivian hadn’t been going to bed this early at this age (four months was the first routine documented) and definitely wasn’t consistent like Conner is. I guess that is subsequent child syndrome!


August 15, 2014
This morning I needed lots of coffee to fight the constant whining at my feet. Since I don’t have any big mugs a large measuring cup will do!

This morning I needed lots of coffee to fight the constant whining at my feet. Since I don’t have any big mugs a large measuring cup will do!

August 14, 2014
A long drive for the kiddos - what troopers!

Three weeks ago (my how time has been flying!!!) we had an amazing trip down to Oceanside, OR. The drive down on that Friday afternoon was an easy 5 hours with quietly content kiddos - although that was not the case on the way home!!! We took back roads because of the traffic report and were so very glad we did!

We were the first to arrive of the group so we checked out the rental house and got settled in and started dinner so it would be ready upon everyone else’s arrival.

The whole weekend consisted of a lot of sunshine (and with it came early wake-up calls from kiddos used to sleeping with blackout shades), beach time, good friends, evening hot tub relaxation, hilarious charade games, toddler swimming pool time, easy hikes and overall fun. I even got myself out on a 45 minute run along the beach with the stroller!

On our way home Nora, Adam, River and our family stopped at Tillamook Cheese Factory for a tour and some lunch. It was a delicious pit stop! Vivian fell asleep for about two hours after that and that was the high point of the drive home. After she woke up it was non-stop crabbiness from both her and Conner. No one wanted to be in the car any longer. Sadly we concluded that as awesome as the trip was - three hours is our long weekend drive time maximum. Any longer and we’d have to stay there for at least a week.

Pool time!
Viv loving the sandy beach…
Digging in the sand
Nothing better than the beach with friends!


August 10, 2014
My little bookworm… falling asleep while reading!

My little bookworm… falling asleep while reading!

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