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April 16, 2014

Mmmmm Oreos… nah that’s not what I’m referring to here although they do sound good now that I’ve mentioned it! Instead of delicious cookies I’m talking about diapers.

Proudly showing off her bellybutton.

Lately Vivian has been leaking through her cloth diapers at least once a day. There is nothing wrong with the diapers nor are they being left on her too long but rather she is growing up! She now can hold her bladder until she needs to go and the quantity is much more because she has also picked up on my habit of drinking lots of water throughout the day - she has her very own 750 mL Camelbak that she gets refilled daily. So we have to be extremely prompt in getting her diaper off which is a very hard task with little to no warning despite our best efforts to get Viv to tell us if she has or needs to pee.

"Viv, where’s your diaper?"

Of course, we never caught on to the thought of bringing extra pants anywhere so I’d occasionally be stuck in the car using the air vent to fan dry the pants to be presentable in public - this actually happened for the last time two weeks ago on our way to dinner. Vivian was in a clean dry diaper and during the 40 minute drive to Seattle she managed to flood her diaper and thoroughly wet her pants - of which I had no extras.

Anyway, something had to change. I had been chatting with Jess at dinner a while ago about our constant battle against leakage and she suggested something genius: double stuff the diaper inserts!

Why didn’t I think of that?!?!

It was such a simple solution to a longstanding problem we’ve been having and I was so excited to try it out. So two weeks ago from today, I finally got a set of diapers double stuffed - along with expanding the waist and legs for my growing girl - and alas! Vivian had a leak-free day for the first time in a long while.

We have yet to have a leak since this simple change - going on two weeks - and I could not be happier!

April 14, 2014

Today was Tyler’s birthday!

Last night Shelby baked a special treat for Tyler to kick off his birthday - Blue Moon cupcakes! We had a little celebration singing before watching Game of Thrones.

Tyler blowing out his candle.
Special Blue Moon flavored
cupcakes with a Blue Moon!

Today when Tyler left for work I was still sleeping and was so out of it when he kissed me goodbye. After a day full of work Tyler came home and we went out on a date night to El Gaucho for a special birthday dinner. We ate so much steak! It was so very delicious and relaxing to enjoy a leisurely meal - especially a five course meal - without our impatient sidekick demanding to run around or eat something from our plates. We also left with extremely full bellies and lots of leftovers to enjoy tomorrow. Yum!

Finished present.
Unfinished present.

While we were gone Shelby and Viv worked on a special birthday project. Since Viv is extremely into rocks right now she collected some special rocks at the beach for Tyler. Then they painted the rocks pretty colors and put them into a pot that was also painted by Viv.

Once the pot dried, there was a paper inserted with Vivian’s preciously collected rocks saying “You’ll always be my rock <3 I love you daddy”

Now we are just relaxing and enjoying the rest of the evening before I turn in for bedtime - little man is starting to drain me!


April 10, 2014
What&#8217;s wrong with this picture?

Haha, silly Viv! Sleeping on the floor!!! Ty went down to rescue her and make her more comfortable back in bed.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Haha, silly Viv! Sleeping on the floor!!! Ty went down to rescue her and make her more comfortable back in bed.

April 6, 2014
Viv was in awe that the front part came off!

Yesterday Tyler got it in his head that he wanted to switch Viv’s crib into a toddler bed - with the safety rail. He wanted to do it for a few reasons:

  • to get her used to sleeping somewhere she can get out of for camping this season
  • to see if she would stop gnawing on the wood and further ruining the crib
  • so I can put her to bed since my belly was no longer making it possible to reach all the way to the mattress… let alone grab socks, blankets, pacis or whatever other things may have ended up in the crib (luckily Vivian is a great listener and helper and she would get whatever I asked her to from the crib)
  • it would make it a lot easier to change the sheets
  • just to see what would happen
  • something to do on a rainy afternoon

So on Saturday afternoon after Viv’s nap we all went down to her room as a family and helped. Tyler took off the front piece and Vivian and I were the sticker removers. It was a pretty quick process and Viv loved helping out.

Testing out the new found freedom.

Later that night we got her all ready for bed and had our fingers crossed since we had absolutely no idea how this experiment would go - although we were ready for the worst case scenario of putting it back together in the middle of the night or waking up early to show Viv back to her bed.

We were pleasantly surprised though! As usual, Viv pouted for about two minutes when initially put down then rolled over and went right to bed. Too easy.

We had the video monitor on all night with sound turned on. We usually only rely on our audio monitors but they cancel out noises other than screaming pretty much and we wanted to hear any little noise that could potentially be Viv getting out of her crib.

Saying “night night” before sleeping in
her big girl bed for the first time.

Again to my surprise, I woke up at about 8am and Vivi was still sleeping soundly and most definitely in her crib. At 8:30am I started to hear her moving around and decided to watch her. She wiggled down to the opening and hung her legs out half way then decided to climb back into bed and laid there for another 30 minutes. Then she dropped out her lovey and climbed out to get it and then went back into bed again.

Finally she decided she was ready to get up and started talking. When I got down to her room she greeted me at the door! I wasn’t expecting her to be at the door though since she wasn’t out of bed when I headed downstairs and kind of whacked her as I opened the door… oops!

Snoozing away - right in
front of the open edge.
My girl likes adventure
even when she’s sleeping.

First night was a success.

Then for her first nap today she went down without a problem. She woke up crying shortly into it but quickly readjusted and went back to sleep. When she was ready to get up from nap - probably because she heard all the excitement of her cousins upstairs - she started crying, got out of bed and ran to the door. My kid clearly does not want to miss out on anything!

Tonight for bedtime she did pretty well given the circumstances. We were all upstairs - including her cousins - finishing dinner but she had eaten earlier and was just too far gone to sit it out until everyone left. So Tyler took her to bed and she laid there for a few minutes before running to the door screaming.

I went down to calm her down and told her it was bedtime and put her back in bed and she was fine. She ended up just laying there playing with her blankets for quite a while before actually falling asleep but she didn’t get out of bed again.

Now to see what tomorrow morning will bring!


April 5, 2014
Best virgin margarita shelf :)

Best virgin margarita shelf :)


April 4, 2014


April 3, 2014

Someone looks a bit like his daddy! Loving those chubby cheeks!

32 weeks today and yesterday at a growth ultrasound (standard for gestational diabetes) he was measuring right on track at 4 lbs 3 oz and estimated to be a little over 7 lbs when he is scheduled to arrive May 18th.

April 1, 2014

Over the last several months Vivian has had regular monthly/bi-monthly check-ups at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Her appointments were with the dermatology clinic specifically to treat her brithmarks - medically speaking hemangiomas - on her back and head.

She has had these birthmarks since birth (hence the name of course) but when she was born they were presented as silvery white patches rather than the big red patches they turn into. Who knew that birthmarks are nearly invisible at birth except to a trained eye. Of course on her birthday we were told to expect them to turn bright red and not to be alarmed as they would likely go away on their own as she aged.

Later it became apparent that her birthmarks might need some help decreasing. The one on her head was much more flush with her skin and was of no concern. However the one on her back became quite raised - about half an inch or so - and you could even feel it through thick clothes. Apparently when the birthmarks become raised like that, when they naturally decrease they likely will decrease only in color and not height and leave an unflattering skin tag of sorts.

All done with our last appointment!

This is by no means a threat to Vivian’s health, but as parents with the means to help her have one less cosmetic concern or reason to be self-conscious as a growing girl in today’s society, we decided to go ahead and treat the birthmark.

There were several options for treatment including laser treatment, topical and/or oral medication. In early July, we opted to try the topical medication first since it was most direct compared to ingesting oral medication throughout her body. We made slight progress however only in color and not in depth of the birthmark. So at the end of September we started Viv on Propranolol which is actual a beta blocker medication for blood pressure that has been found to help close unnecessary capillaries in the form of hemangiomas. The only initially difficult part about this medication is that it was to be administered every 8 hours which meant we had to wake our sleeping baby every night and sometimes wake ourselves too!

After we got in the swing of things, Tyler became quite fond of his midnight snuggles with Vivian. We also got lucky in that Viv became a pro at taking medicine no matter what it was which came in helpful when she got sick enough the few times this fall when we wanted to give her other medicine.

So last week, on March 26th, Vivian had her last appointment at Seattle Children’s. Her last dose of medicine - after being on a gradual removal for two weeks - was that previous Saturday. Viv did a great job at her appointment and it was determined that, as her doctor expected two months before, that the back hemangioma was as flush as it would get and her gradual decrease off the medicine was final.

Tyler had a hard time letting her sleep and for the first few nights after she finished her medicine, he still went in to check on her at midnight. Now we are all sleeping through the night - well, me not so much but that’s a different baby causing that issue - and Vivian actually seems to be sleeping better!

Previously she would wake up a few times throughout the night and make noises but since stopping her midnight wake up she hasn’t been making a peep until about 8-9am when she is ready to get out of bed.

Isn’t science amazing? Look at the transformation!

March 30, 2014

I cannot even begin to try and figure out the last time I had two whole weekend days with nothing planned. This blank slate weekend was so very welcomed.

Friday we had no plans so Tyler ended up getting together for a dude’s night with some friends and that sparked a girl’s night with the respective mamas and babies. While the boys were at the bar, we stayed in at my house and had pizza and ice cream. (Let’s just not talk about my little diabetes issue because, well, ya know.)

The kiddos played for a little while before eating and going to bed. Then us girls sat around and chit chatted the night away. It was lovely. Before I knew it Tyler was walking through the door and the girls headed home to their men.

Saturday - a full day with nothing planned - was leisurely. Tyler and Viv went to play at McDonald’s Play Place while I attempted to sleep in. I was mildly successful. When they got back we all went on a family adventure to a greenhouse that acts as a storage facility for a recently joined local “buy nothing” group - you give and receive freely with your community. An awesome concept that I’ve already gotten so much out of! It truly represents the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” while the items gifted are by no means trash, they definitely are unwanted by the giver and re-homed to someone who needs/wants that item. My first gifted items were a bunch of random unused baby things and a gas stove top that we’ve had in our garage for over a year and someone was remodeling so it found a new home. My first gifts were four paper bags full of amazing baby boy clothes size 6-12 months, a pair of tennis shoes for Viv that will fit during the fall I’d imagine and a pair of tennis shoes for Tyler. All free!

After our run to the greenhouse we headed back home to put Viv down for nap. Tyler went over to his buddy’s place during nap while I sorted through my new boy clothes to see what I had received. I am pretty set with the 6-12 month sizes! Then I pulled out Viv’s saved clothes to see what I had that was gender neutral for little man. I got the clothes started in the wash too. Talk about accomplished!

I came to find that little man has tons of white newborn onesies and that is about it until he is 6 months when the hand-me-downs start fitting. Apparently Viv is quite the girly girl or that any of the neutral clothes she had were hand-me-downs that got passed on yet again. Oh well, little man’s closet will surely be stocked eventually.

Viv was inspecting the dryer from
inside - such a good helper!

Once Vivian woke from her nap she helped me do some laundry. When Tyler got back home we had dinner and played around the house. Before we knew it, it was bedtime for our little miss and so Tyler and I cozied up and watched a movie.

Today was another gloriously unplanned day. I took my turn waking up with Vivian while Tyler could sleep. After breakfast us gals headed out of the house and went to the mall. Apparently the mall stores don’t open until 11am and we were a tad early but luckily access to the mall is available so we wandered around inside window shopping until shops opened their gates. I was able to stop at the Apple Store and get my iPhone cable replaced because it wasn’t charging my phone reliably then we went to Nordstrom and Vivian had her first shoe shopping experience.

All of Vivian’s shoes up till now had been either hand-me-downs or gifted. This was the first time she was getting properly sized and shoes of my (and her) choice. She desperately needed tennis shoes. We had a very friendly guy - who Vivian quickly approved of - helping us with our shoe shopping. He showed Viv the foot measuring device and she stepped on it proudly. Her right foot is a size 4.5 and her left is a 5.0.

Yikes! Poor girl has been shoved into size 3.5 tennis shoes and size 4 mary janes… definitely time for new shoes! We ended up with a nice sparkly pair of Stride Rites in 5.5 so she has room to grow throughout the summer.

After Nordstrom we checked out a few other children’s shoe stores to see what other options there were but we stuck with our first choice. I had no other shopping to do and had initially planned on going up to the play area with Viv so she could run around but it was pushing noon and I knew Viv would fade fast if I didn’t get home soon. I also still had a stop to make on the way since I found out someone on the “buy nothing” group was offering vinca plants to transplant and I have been buying a few each year to try and fill in my garden as ground cover. Since it was turning out to be a beautiful day, I thought getting the plants and gardening during nap sounded wonderful.

When we got to the house to get the vinca, Viv and I went to her yard and I started digging up the plants while Viv had a hoe and was doing her own digging/brushing. It was so darn cute!

Finally around 1pm we got home and Viv snuggled daddy before heading reluctantly down to bed even though she was exhausted. She fought nap hardcore and I don’t know when she eventually fell asleep or how long she actually napped but at least she was resting and quiet for a while.

My little explorer. Love those pigtails!

The best shot I could get while
always on the go!

I got out to the yard and cleaned up a bit of weeds before transplanting my vinca. I was very pleasantly surprised how far the bundle I took went in my garden. I even had enough to put some over by the side of the shed!

After about an hour or so of gardening my back was screaming and I was exhausted. Gardening on your hands and knees while nearly 8 months pregnant is no easy task! Right as I was finishing up, Tyler decided to come out and blow off the driveway and deck - the winter’s stockpile of pine needles and sticks would be no more!

Unfortunately I am pretty sure turning on the blower was what woke Vivian up from her nap, but it was ok since I was all done outside. I got Viv and sat her down for a late lunch/snack before we went to take a shower and clean up for dinner out with Tony, Jess and Ethan.

We met up at Applebee’s and had a lovely early (aka perfectly timed before bed) dinner. Once we got home, it was clear Viv still had a bit of energy so we went for a family walk. Glory came on the leash and even Lucifer decided to follow and watch for a bit. Our walk didn’t go very far because Viv is in a rock collecting phase. She kept stopping to pick up rocks and throw them down which ends in her bursting into a fit of giggles. It is so fun to watch her explore!

She got to run around in her new shoes and she looked very balanced and stable. It probably felt good to not have her feet crammed into shoes for once.

After the short walk we went in and got Viv ready for bed. After a book with daddy she went down without any complaints. Now time for me to relax. What a wonderful unplanned weekend!

March 27, 2014

Time has flown by! I meant to write last Thursday when I actually was 30 weeks however work got in the way and I was pulling some late nights. Then the fun of Saturday and Sunday came and I couldn’t wait to write about that! So here I am yet another week under my belt.

Viv and I earlier this week after a fun family picnic
dinner at Zachary’s bench.

How am I down to the final countdown of weeks already?

While I am 31 weeks along, I found out last week that I get to skip about two weeks of pregnancy and will only have 8 left to go! Our little man is now scheduled to arrive via c-section (because of gestational diabetes, again) on May 18th at 9am unless he comes earlier on his own.

My official glucose results came in and of course I failed my one hour test and had to go in for my three hour bloodwork and no surprise - since I was tracking myself - my numbers were awful. Luckily, I’ve been able to completely control it with my normal diet alone thus far so it is a lot easier to manage this pregnancy whereas I really had to restrict my diet when I was pregnant with Vivian and take insulin. I am glad that I have the knowledge this time around not to be so afraid of GD and that I had kept it in mind the whole time so I don’t feel as though I am being restricted from anything. I am hoping that it won’t get too much worse (it tends to as pregnancy progresses) since last time I ended up binge eating after Vivian was born and gained more than I had during the entire pregnancy! Not so healthy!!!

So here we are, 31 weeks and only 7 to go.

  • Size of baby: About the size of a pineapple (measuring about 16.25 inches long from head to foot and weighs about 3.3 pounds)
  • Weight gain: I am now up 18.7 pounds total this whole pregnancy.
  • Symptoms experienced: Saturday night I vomited a lot and Monday I had a close call when taking too big of a bite so I think my stomach might be getting a little more sensitive. I’ve also started getting a few Braxton Hicks but not many and I noticed that I am starting to get new stretch marks.
  • How I feel: I don’t remember feeling quite so big and cumbersome during my pregnancy with Vivian, but this guy, he is making me feel big and slow and incapable of moving around without involuntarily grunting. I think he is much lower than Vivian was and so bending down is increasingly harder and I can no longer reach certain cupboards because my belly and the counter are not friends. It’s also harder to put Viv in her crib because I have to reach so low to lay her down and press my belly against the crib rail - pretty uncomfortable. How come no one mentions that kind of stuff?
  • What I’ve been craving: Still on the sour limeade kick if anything.
  • What I miss: Sleeping through the night. It’s so unfair that my one year old child can sleep through the night and soon this little guy will be disrupting my sleep but all the pregnancy woes (enter charlie horses, constant peeing and extreme dry mouth to name the top contenders) make it so you can’t get a decent night sleep before life changes again.
  • Best moment: Feeling all of his movements again. I love trying to figure out what is being pressed outward - knee, elbow, head or tush - to determine how he is positioned. Clearly he is an active little man and I’m pretty sure he has been flipping from head down to breech quite often.
  • Items purchased: I was shopping for a friend’s little guy - getting all of our favorite things for Viv - and realized I probably should get a few of the favorites for our little man too! So I got him his Aden + Anais loveys, Wubbanub and some zip up sleep swaddles since I think all of ours are pink!
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