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What Do I Wear?

Beautiful and natural portraits take a little planning, so here’s some advice on what to wear to ensure your family looks its best on picture day. The most important thing to remember is that the clothes should not be a battle. If you are helping younger kiddos, give them a couple options so they feel involved in the decision and it does not become a battle on picture day. If they must wear their favorite hot pink shoes, simply ask for a color correction. That favorite shirt with a stain in the middle or they dropped something on the way – don’t fret, it can usually be edited out! You’d be surprised with the magic of digital retouching.

Bottom line is that your choice of clothes should be comfortable and enhance your photographs, not dominate them. If you want my opinion, shoot me a message or a pic with your thoughts and I am happy to help guide you but here is my quick reference to amazing portraits!

What Not to Wear

  • neon colors
  • text
  • characters
  • logos
  • strong patterns

Why not? These things will draw the viewer’s eye away from the faces in the image and neon colors will cast the reflection of the color onto the necks/chins or other’s faces who are nearby.

What to Wear

  • Fit the style to the location
  • Don’t match, coordinate! Blending and coordinating colors but not necessarily matching. Consider the location and choose a color palette that you like, then put together outfits that have elements of that palette. I advise keeping within three colors. A few favorite combos are:
    • denim with navy, blue, and grey
    • beige, white or grey with a pop of accent color
    • pastels
    • any one color in various different tones
    • pick a pattern for someone and each person wears a color from the pattern
  • Textures add visual appeal
  • Complementary patterns but not overly matching
  • Layers for interest and to add posing options (think scarves, jackets, hats, tights and headbands)
  • Comfortable and cute shoes
  • Make sure it is something you will want to print!