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Newborn Portraits

Babies are so cuddly and cozy at the newborn stage and capturing those newborn portraits is a one time opportunity before they grow up in the blink of your eye.  I will gently guide your baby into natural poses that are safe and serene. I encourage use of blankets and props that are meaningful and to schedule the session to take place when baby is 5-14 days old so they are still in that sleepy phase that hasn’t fully tuned into the world outside the womb. Babies are little for but a moment and in the blink of an eye, they become silly toddlers. Capturing those fleeting moments of their sweet perfection is my passion.

Newborn portrait session fees start at $300 plus the cost of your chosen prints or digitals. Unlike standard custom sessions, newborn portrait time will allow for up to 3 hours to ensure a calm, un-rushed, and enjoyable experience – accounting for some newborn fussiness, diaper/outfit changes and feeding.

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