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It’s Not Just the Camera

When you see the images produced by Life Under the Stars Photography, you will think ‘wow, those are amazing!‘ Following that thought, you may wonder what camera I am using. Any true photography aficionado will know that while equipment does make an impact, it truly is how you use it that makes the difference. Knowing how to properly use all the features of the camera ensures the best possible images are captured. Then the images are fine tuned via hand editing in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Life Under the Stars Photography only uses the top of the line professional, full frame cameras. In my arsenal, I have a Canon 5D Mark IV along with various high quality lenses to use for different artistic goals. If the available lighting is not setting us up for success, fear not! When necessary, I utilize various strobes, speedlights and continuous lighting methods to enhance the natural light to bring out my subject’s most flattering features.