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March 24, 2014

I am married to an amazing man. Yesterday I got to sleep in. While we usually trade off and on each weekend taking turns letting each other catch up on some Z’s, I never really get to sleep in because I am such a light sleeper in the morning and it is hard when I hear Viv. I also have a hard time sleeping in because of all the fun that comes with pregnancy.

But yesterday, I needed it. Desperately. Saturday night after a fun-filled day - I’ll get to that later this week hopefully - we got home around midnight and I was laying down for bed when heartburn started to creep up (as usual) so I took some Tums but that wasn’t cutting it. Then my stomach started feeling funny. I thought maybe I was going through a sugar crash so Tyler went to grab me a snack but I went to the bathroom and then it all fell apart from there - I was vomiting - no snack for me after that. I also think I was having Braxton Hicks contractions during this whole awful scene and maybe that was what disrupted my stomach or something to do with my subconcious emotional state since it was Zachary’s due date two years ago. Nonetheless, Saturday night’s rendezvous with the toilet was not something I’d like to repeat.

I was so tired so once I was cleaned up I finally got to sleep but it was so quick. Long story short, Tyler got up with Vivian on Sunday, kept her occupied and quiet including a walk out of the house other than a few little snugs from my girl and I got to sleep in. While I was up on and off still, I was able to lay peacefully in bed until noon. AMAZING.

When I emerged I found that my amazing man had the kitchen entirely cleaned up after my cake baking extravaganza Friday and Saturday that was left a complete mess because we had to rush out the door to make it to a 2nd birthday party - again, more on that later this week.

Best duo ever! (of course Viv only hams it
up when the camera isn’t in her face)

We lazed around and had a landscaper come to quote us for some lawn work we are going to have done and once Vivian woke up from her nap we went on a hike with Brandon, Casey and all the kids. It was a wonderful day for a hike. I was so glad we could hike this weekend since we hiked on Zachary’s due date two years ago.

Of course the hike wasn’t all that long or challenging with the kids and my giant pregnant self but it was fun for all. After the hike we went to dinner at Red Robin which was a bit crazy - the long wait and all of our children - with only four adults and six kids but we made it out alive with full bellies.

Vivian went straight to bed upon arrival home after all the fun outdoor activities so Tyler and I snuggled up to watch a movie. It makes me so excited for all the fun spring and summer exploring and outdoor activities in our near future!

Our family hike on Cougar Mountain.
March 17, 2014

What a fun and exhausting weekend it has been! Leigh came in for a long weekend visit and we jammed a lot into her visit - even though we also spent a lot of time relaxing and watching the Spartans win the Big 10 Championship too!

The main event of Leigh’s visit this trip was a day in Portland. I attempted to transfer a sleeping Vivian into the car at 10pm to go pick Leigh up from the airport and continue driving down to Portland. Unfortunately Viv does not transfer well and after sleeping for 3 hours, she thought she had a nice nap and stayed quietly awake the whole 3 hour drive until the last 40 minutes when she got sick of the car and started torturing us with her complaints.

We got to our hotel around 1:30am and I could not wait for bed. I hadn’t stayed up that late in a long time. Viv was not in the cooperating mood and screamed in protest of the pack ‘n play. Finally around 2:30am she and I both were able to fall into a much needed slumber.

Enjoying mommy’s morning latte

In the morning us gals woke up to an alarm at 8:30am to catch a continental breakfast before starting our day. Once we were fed we got ready for the day and headed to downtown Portland to walk around. We putzed along some shops and stopped in Barista to grab some lattes. After walking around a bit we hopped in the car and headed to Pok Pok, a well known Asian restaurant which sadly did not live up to any expectations that were in my head. The food was not very kid friendly and I had a hard time finding something that sounded good or at least sounded like something that I’d eat - the menu was very foreign - and I am not generally a picky eater! The service was pretty slow and once Viv was done, she was DONE which made the slow service pretty rough when paying the bill.

After lunch we made a pit stop at VooDoo Donuts before heading to Multnomah Falls - I had been once before (to both locations) during a camp trip this summer. It was a little bit of a drive out from Portland but it was wonderful because Vivian desperately needed a nap. She slept in the car for about an hour and a half before waking up at the perfect time to check out the falls. She almost missed it but I am so glad she didn’t because her reaction was awesome.

Multnomah Falls with my girl

She was nervous at first from the mist and loud roar of the waterfall but once I ushered her up to the rails to look she couldn’t stop saying “woahhhh” which was so cute and appropriate! In hindsight I wished I had caught her reaction on video. She didn’t want to leave either and kept trying to walk back to the rails to look.

Us gals taking in the view

Eventually, we did leave the falls and headed back to Portland to walk around the water front before getting some dinner then driving back north. We ended up going to this little place called Mother’s Bistro and Bar and it was amazing! Of course the food was delicious but I think the atmosphere helped make the food seem even better than it was because let me tell you, this place was genius! We were seated at a table next to a little alcove play area for kids!!!!

Vivian loved playing with the blocks and other things and when she was ready to eat she came over then when she was full I was able to let her down and she would go play. Besides the play area though, the rest of the restaurant was nicely done and seemed fancy which was a nice change of pace - fancy and kid-friendly! I cannot recommend it enough. The owner even came to say hi and see how we enjoyed ourselves. I must have been glowing and I couldn’t tell her enough how nice it was - she admitted that they had “figured it out” - if only some other restaurants would figure it out too!!!

Finally dinner was over and Vivian was clearly starting to fade so we got back to the car, I changed her into PJs and we packed up to drive home. Vivi fell asleep pretty quickly so it was a nice quiet ride and we made it home around 11pm and went straight to bed! What a fun whirlwind mini-trip.

The rest of Leigh’s visit included playtime at Zachary’s bench and playground, watching two winning MSU basketball games, an IKEA stop and her visit also overlapped our friend’s annual St. Patty’s Day Shindig.

Viv and Leigh decked out in green
My silly little leprechaun

We all went to the St. Patty’s day party which starts at Casey and Angela’s home then migrates to the bar. This year Vivian and I went home as the rest of the crew went to the bar - so Leigh and Tyler joined the fun. I spent a quiet night at home and then provided my designate driver services when their night came to an end.

Being silly! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Sunday was Leigh’s last day in town. We lounged around watching our Spartans beat our rival Wolverines before heading out to IKEA and the airport. Another fun visit under our belts!

Celebrating Ginger’s little love.

After dropping Leigh off at the airport I headed up to Seattle to meet up with some girlfriends to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a very highly anticipated little boy. My friend, Ginger, is expecting her very own rainbow baby. I cannot wait to meet her little man.

He, similar to Vivian and my own little man, is currently doing acrobatics and if he stays breech, will be arriving around April 1st. If he decides to cooperate, he may get to cook a while longer before getting the eviction notice. Etiher way, he will be here soon and to celebrate, Ginger, Lindsay and I got together for dinner and desert to have an intimate celebration/baby shower. We ate and chatted for quite some time before calling it a night.

I am so excited for Ginger to get her much deserved happy ending and cannot wait for the healthy arrival of her baby boy! Soooo soon!!!!!

March 15, 2014

Two weekends ago we had a little getaway with some friends. We went to our second annual Orcas Island trip. This year was quite a bit different than last year for many reasons but it was equally wonderful in it’s own way once we got completely settled.

Waiting for the ferry briefly out in the cold.

The trip did start out a bit rocky as we ended up having to wait three extra hours for the ferry since we missed the initial ferry by 10 minutes. The three hours wouldn’t have been quite so bad if it weren’t so very cold, windy and 100% shaded when it was a sunny day. So we were stuck inside my seemingly over-packed and cramped SUV having snacks, playing games and watching a little bit of Baby Einstein. It wouldn’t have been as bad if we were driving Big Blue because we’d have had much more room to spread out and let Viv move around a bit more - or we could have popped the top!

Why - you ask - didn’t we drive Blue? Unfortunately she was in the shop. Tyler took Blue to get routine oil change and other maintenance before our trip but they found out our O2 sensor was bad and upon removal to replace it they found it was too rusted to repair until they got the part from Germany which will take two weeks. So Blue is left undrivable at the dealership which squashed our plans to carpool with Nora, Adam and River too.

The one good thing that came about was that while we were late to the ferry, Keri, Guy and River were early despite their rocky start as well and we were able to ride over to Orcas Island together which was fun for the kiddos too - especially after being cooped up in the car for five hours (it took two to get to the ferry on top of the three hour wait).

Playing in the cabinets.

Once we arrived to the house - Salmon Shoal - around 8pm we were greeted by happy Nora, Adam and River who had gotten dinner prepared for us hungry travelers. We got as settled in for the night as possible but we quickly realized that we would not be able to stay at this house as it was not toddler friendly at all. There were old floorboard heaters that were a burn hazard, a small and cluttered living room full of sharp wooden furniture and wobbly end tables with ancient lamps with cords plugged into middle of the room floor outlets just asking to be pulled and played with, too wide wooden and brick stairs with no blocking capability, one room was detached and only accessible via walking outside, wood burning stove that could not be blocked and had dangerous edges, a dining table that could not accommodate clip-on high chairs for family meals, a broken/leaking fridge, one small couch that fit two of our six adults, chemically unbalanced (think unnaturally green) hot tub, layers of dust on the ornate wood carved furniture which was no good for the dust allergies, and the list goes on.

Our group shot at Salmon Shoal in the cramped living room

Needless to say, we made the most of our one night at Salmon Shoal and started making calls to get a more appropriate rental house. Finding another house on such short notice on an island is no easy feat. We found three rentals that looked appropriate for our six adults, three kids and two dogs. The one we wanted wasn’t available as the owners were not on the island to give keys and we got good responses for the other two.

Everything becomes a game!
River pushing Viv around in the basket.

The house we ended up in was perfect. The owner was extremely flexible with us checking out the house before committing and we were very pleasantly surprised how open and minimal the house was. A giant kitchen for all of our meals, a giant table that accommodated all nine of us, simple furniture that allowed us all to sit around the cozy gas fireplace (which was child-friendly), a loft that was carpeted and wide open which was perfect for a playroom, there was a ping pong table, the only thing it was missing was a hot tub. We were able to settle into the new house before the kids’ naptime and finally relax.

It was a really good thing we moved houses because we were basically stuck indoors all weekend due to the crummy weather. If we were in the initial house, we would likely have gone crazy trying to keep our children safe and having to watch them like hawks 24/7 or visited the Orcas Island medical facilities. In the second house we were able to let the kids have their craved independent play with each other while easily overseeing everything from any point in the house.

This is what most of the weekend looked like…
blissfully lounging by the fire.

So most of the weekend was spent relaxing indoors in good company and playing with the kids. We went for a walk while it was snowing until Vivian started complaining and we had to head back. We had great meals cooked together and not-so-surprisingly early nights as we were all exhausted and using the weekend to rejuvenate from busy lives with work and kids.

Since the owner of the rental was so relaxed and flexible, we were not in any rush to check-out and leave the house on Monday. We let the kids play and then put them down for their naps before we started packing up to head out. Once the kids were awake, we all left our Orcas Island home to go grab a late lunch before catching the ferry back to mainland.

Bathtime babies

It was fun to be able to all be on the ferry together for our return trip and the kids enjoyed running freely with each other in the open space of the ferry. Vivian slept for half of the two hour drive home and we were able to immediately get her down to bed once we got to our own home sweet home.

Another fun trip with friends under our belt - the first of many to come in 2014.

March 11, 2014

Vivian changes so much from day to day that it blows my mind! About a month ago I asked her if she wanted down and she replied “dow.” Shocked and super excited that she was actually communicating successfully I put her down of course. That was the beginning of her quickly learning and actually talking a lot more.

Sure, she has been talking in the form of babble but now she is trying to copy us and make sense of things. She can answer questions besides “yes” and “no” (to which she usually says “no” even if she means “yes”) such as “what does a ducky say?” - “ack ack” would be the appropriate answer if you did not know. She also is picking up on sign language a lot more too!

Being silly with mama!

Taking a stroll on a warm sunny day.

Her main arsenal of words/phrases/signs are:

  • mama
  • dada
  • ni-ni (night night)
  • uh oh
  • hi
  • no, no, no (it used to never be just one no, always in threes, but she is starting to say “no” very definitively lately)
  • nom nom (when asked “are you hungry?” and the answer is yes - she also started doing the sign for hungry)
  • sign for “more” when she wants something - for anything she sees she signs “more” and points
  • dow (down)
  • up or “up-pea” (up please)
  • not sure how to write the sound but basically imagine moving your tongue up and down between your lips… this is how Viv says “banana”
  • sign for “fruit” (although she points to her forehead instead of her cheek - whatever works!)
  • wa-wa (water)
  • ba-ba (bottle)
  • "ubby" which we aren’t sure what it is supposed to mean but she says it all the time… when she is frustrated, needs help, wants something, sees us, pretty much Viv’s universal word
  • eye
  • nose
  • woaaaah (hilariously used appropriately)
  • yay

Vivian understands so much now that having a section with common phrases would be too long! She listens to directions pretty well which is really nice.

Things Vivian has learned:

  • how to use the potty sometimes - definitely not often nor is it pushed
  • still working on using a fork
  • putting rings on the stick stack toy
  • getting better at using a real cup
  • walking up and down stairs holding a hand (she has mastered them long ago on her belly)
  • where her head, belly, nose and eyes are (she will point to them!!!!)
  • what a ducky, doggy, cow, Pops (Grandpa) says
  • to rub soap together in her hands and wash her belly
"Helping" mama make
pancakes this morning

Things that excite and make Vivian happy:

  • bath time, swimming and blowing bubbles in the water
  • necklaces
  • sitting on the heater grate when the furnace is on
  • fruit
  • giving kisses
  • talking nonstop
  • dancing with someone
  • being tickled
  • walking/running independently

Things that frustrate Vivian:

  • not getting what she wants
  • when something is taken away
  • being upside down
  • when she is over-hungry
  • when a cabinet she wants to open is locked
  • swings! What child dislikes swings?!!? She used to love them!

Vivian weighs 21.8 pounds per the scale which she likes to stand on and see numbers light up and is 29 inches (or 2.4 feet) tall according to my measurement this morning. She has ten teeth (four top front, two bottom front, four molars) and is definitely on her way to more with the amount of drool and chewing lately.

Vivian sleeps like a champ at night usually being put to bed around 7:30pm and falling asleep after laying in the crib silently playing with blankets for about an hour. She usually sleeps until about 8:30am and takes a nap going down somewhere between 12pm - 2pm and will sleep varying lengths from an hour up to three or very rarely four. During nap she will often wake up with a blood curdling scream then go back to bed for a while. It is terrifying and sad but apparently normal for Vivian. I’m not sure if it is her teeth or nightmares but I wish it wouldn’t happen.

In other recent news, we quit the bottle yesterday. Not out of choice, but rather we had some bad milk so I had no other option. Viv went down for nap and bed just fine without it so poof, no more bottle necessary. Now I just need to find out if she still needs to get milk at a regular frequency. One of my many questions for her doctor when we go for her appointment on Friday.


March 6, 2014

Welcome to the third trimester!!!

In my 28 week pregnancy email from the ever so hilarious Pregnant Chicken - one of the only worthwhile pregnancy blogs the subsequent time around when you don’t need/want hard facts - I was informed that our little man is now the size of a Chihuahua. Much more interesting than imagining an eggplant or something else inanimate inside me.

He sure feels more like a Chihuahua than an eggplant at least! In fact I think he may have flipped back around head down because I feel him all over again. Here’s hoping!

March 5, 2014
Me and my girl!

I have never had the chance to really celebrate Mardi Gras before but yesterday I got the opportunity! One of my friends in my mom’s group is from New Orleans so she was all about making it a big affair for her and the kiddos. We were invited to come over and play with the kids and requested that - per tradition - they come in costume.

Too much fun to stop!

Of course I didn’t have a costume ready and waiting for Mardi Gras as I never knew that was part of the tradition! Luckily though, my little rainbow baby has a ton of rainbow apparel that I threw together to make her costume. I pulled out the tutu - which I had made before her birth for her first birthday and she hardly wore - and she immediately wanted it put on. When I helped her into it she started twirling around like she knew exactly what she was supposed to do in a tutu! How the heck did she know?!?! We’ve never taught her that but I suppose my little fashionista has these things hard-wired into her brain: spin in tutus, wear necklaces, love shoes, pink, sparkles, ruffly things. What will my little girly girl love next?! It amazes me how her preferences come out without the pushing. I mean sure I got her pink and ruffly clothes but when she is given the choice (and she is more often than not these days) she will choose the most extravagant and girly.

Anyway, I digress…

Ready for beads!
"Throw Me Somethin Mista!"

My little rainbow baby and I went to the Mardi Gras playdate party ready for a good time and a good time we had! Karrie went all out with decorations, floats for the kids to play in and get pictures, a King’s Cake and of course lots of beads.

Beads galore!

Can you guess what Vivian was obsessed with? Beads. Lots of necklaces to put on and off! She was loving it!

After a good few hours of play with friends it was time to get this little lady home to rest while I went to some afternoon meetings. Vivian apparently was worn out as Shelby told me she immediately fell asleep and slept for three hours!

What a great way to start the week after a fun weekend vacation - more on that later!

Nothing like a Mardi Gras party.
Happy Fat Tuesday!
Yayyyyyy!!!! Laughing out loud
with her loot on the floor!


March 3, 2014

This accidental video sums up life with Vivian pretty well. Haha I love this kid.

February 27, 2014

I hardly ever indulge in drinks during meals out - especially not caffeinated beverages. Tuesday however I decided an iced tea sounded pretty good at lunch thinking that noon was plenty early for any caffeine consumption as it tends to keep me up at night. Apparently I was wrong.

I’m not sure if it was the caffeine alone or that paired with a bout of anxiety that kept me from being able to fall asleep. Sure I was exhausted but sleep would not come to me. I hate that feeling of insomnia.

I was worried about our little man. I’m not sure if I’ve just been too busy to notice or if movements truly had decreased but either way I was unsettled and enough so to make an appointment with Dr. Case. Luckily they were able to get me in bright and early Wednesday morning for the first appointment.

Since I had to take my glucose test this week I also decided yesterday morning would be a good time - get it over with and jump start any movement with the sugar rush. I drank the lemon-lime sugar drink at 7:45am and was in to get blood drawn at 8:45am. Of course I took my own test right then as well so I could know my results immediately - no surprises this time. My blood sugar was 171. Not great. I tested another hour later and this time it was 84 which was excellent. (Note: 1 hour after eating it should be less than 130 and 2 hours after eating it should be less than 120 for non-diabetics.) I had to go straight to my appointment with Dr. Case after my test then directly to a meeting so by the time I got done with that I really felt my sugars crash and needed to eat ASAP. Not great meal planning on my part!

One reason I chose to do my glucose test yesterday was because if anything would get baby boy moving it would be a sugar drink. I was right but I am also wondering if my results were skewed because of the anxiety causing my insulin to be irregular. Heck, maybe that’s why I had gestational diabetes with Vivian’s pregnancy! In fact after dinner that night I had chicken, beans, a little sweet potato and a glass of tangerine juice (which would be tricky to get good numbers with) but my blood sugar was only 93 so I am really hoping Dr. Lacy will allow me to continue monitoring myself and not do all the hubbub of going in weekly to talk to a nurse - I think I know the drill by now and have already been quite diligent in monitoring myself.

Anyway, after my blood test I headed in to see Dr. Case to get to the bottom of the lack of movement concern. My blood pressure was high - go figure - and that always starts comments of concern about me from the nurse but I assured the nurse (who was new) that it would probably be fine at the end of the appointment and that it was pretty typical for me before getting the reassurance and she joked that it better be or I wasn’t going to work today… if only! Spoiler, my blood pressure was rock solid by the end and I was free to go on my merry way.

So to the fun and hugely reassuring part. Little man is perfect. He has huge chubby cheeks that Viv never had and huge kissable goldfish lips just like his big brother.

First thing I saw were his perfect little feet
in front of his face.

The reason he has not been moving much - no, it was not in my head, I am not entirely crazy - is because he is FRANK BREECH!!!!!!!

I just laughed when I found out. Of course he is. Why wouldn’t one of my children follow the rules of the womb and stay head down?

I felt a huge amount of relief knowing that the movement changes were for a perfectly fine reason. Sure, this may alter the whole plan for a VBAC - assuming he doesn’t move which is still very much possible - but I could care less. He is still perfectly healthy and thriving!

Our perfect little cheeky man.

Thriving so much so that he is currently about 2 lbs 5 oz which is right on track for his gestational age (27 weeks today) and estimating to be around 8.5-9 lbs if he goes at this rate to full 40 weeks.

So that is the excitement going on with me these days. Now time to relax again and enjoy this silly little man who is playing tricks on mama. Boy are we in for it with him!

  • Size of baby: About the size of a head of cauliflower (measuring about 15 inches from head to rump and about 2.3 lbs according to the ultrasound)
  • Weight gain: I am now up 13.9 pounds total this whole pregnancy.
  • Symptoms experienced: My coccyx pain is now under control from regular twice weekly and finally decreased to just weekly chiropractic appointments. Now my only woe has been charlie horses (leg cramps) that wake me up and make me shoot out of bed like a fat ninja to try and bend my foot before it gets stuck in the most painful position ever. Unfortunately I am not as quick as a ninja when it comes to getting out of bed and when I get a charlie horse the muscle pain tends to last a few days.
  • How I feel: Dry. My face has been extremely dry and irritated lately - lots of flaking, redness, tightness and just general uncomfortable and not pretty. Everyone keeps saying “it’s the pregnancy glow” but I sure as hell don’t feel glowing especially at the end of the day when my eyes are burning and I am exhausted too. But knowing my little man is healthy and perfect makes feeling anything good or bad totally worth it.
  • What I’ve been craving: Sour. Lemon-lime (heavier on the lime) like virgin margaritas or sour limeade.
  • What I miss: All the crazy jabbing from my little man. Now it is dull bulging every once in a while and pressure up in my ribs. Now that I know he is breech I can’t help but realize that DUH this is the exact same as Viv. In fact two nights ago he got hiccups for the first time and I thought to myself how it was strange that they were in the same place as when Viv got them and that I thought they would be located somewhere else since he was head down… hindsight.
  • Best moment: Seeing little man on the ultrasound and looking at those chubby, kissable cheeks.
  • Items purchased: Vivian got some new boots for next fall but little man still has nothing. I did wash up the infant car seat in preparation for him though. It’s amazing how it looks like brand new now!
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February 21, 2014

I haven’t written in quite a while. It doesn’t seem like there is much to write about lately. Life has been going pretty smoothly and has been consistently the same for the most part - work during the week with low key weekends spent finding fun things to do with Vivian.

Daddy makes everything feel better.

Last weekend, after Valentine’s Day, Vivian got sick and came down with a fever of 101.4 that evening. It went down Saturday to in the 99 degree range but she was then snotty and coughing like crazy. By Sunday the fever was gone but snot and coughs were in full force and sleeping was little-to-none for the next few nights because she’d wake up in horrible coughing fits. No fun for anyone in our house! Luckily none of us adults seemed to catch it but it was a bummer because on Saturday she and Tyler had to miss little Vivian’s first birthday brunch and on Monday she also missed her birthday playdate. So sad. But I went to celebrate and had a blast!

The weekend prior Tyler, Viv and I went to breakfast Saturday morning and during nap I did some much overdue garden cleanup and weeding. After nap, Ty wanted to take Viv to the mall to play and we impromptu met up with Nora, Adam and River to let the kiddos play then grabbed a bite to eat for dinner. At dinner it started to really snow for the first time this year and it actually stuck! By the time we were driving home there was good accumulation and the Seattle drivers were acting all sorts of dumb.

Since we live up a very large hill we knew we’d run into problems and were not surprised when we came to a long line of stuck cars. Thankfully the lineup ended right before we could turn into a secret back entrance to our neighborhood. We passed a few other stuck cars in the hills within our neighborhood and even stopped to ask if anyone needed help. When we got home we saw that Shelby was out and hoped she’d be able to make it home ok - thankfully her car also had four wheel drive and she has east coast driving skills like us so all ended up fine.

The snow continued falling throughout the night and we woke to a winter wonderland. Of course it didn’t stick around for long and was mostly melted by midday. Needless to say, we stayed indoors nice and cozy.

Other than that, the Super Bowl was three weekends ago and of course our Seattle Seahawks murdered the Denver Broncos much to our city’s delight. There was all sorts of excitement all over and it even now the high energy is just starting to fade. We didn’t make it to the celebratory parade but apparently much of Seattle and surrounding areas did and it was a huge street party with hundreds of thousands of people (nearing the millions I believe).

Now jumping back to present, this weekend we are hosting a playdate and then are going to celebrate Marissa’s birthday which is actually today!

Other than that, pretty low key which has been really nice although I am ready for the go-go-go of fun activities that spring and summer brings!


February 20, 2014
26 week belly!

26 week belly!

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