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June 30, 2014

Yesterday we tried a new activity with Vivian - soccer! Tyler has a friend whose kids take soccer lessons and invited Tyler to join for a free trial class. It was supposed to be a dads and daughters activity but I wanted to watch!

So we packed up the van with the whole family for a Sunday morning activity. Both Tyler and Vivian had a blast doing the various activities which included “red light, green light,” cone tower building, parachute games, squishy ball play, obstacle course and of course kicking around a soccer ball.

Conner and I got to sit and watch behind a plexiglass wall for a while until Viv noticed and kept trying to run over to me. So Conner and I went to a more discreet spot behind the netted wall. Needless to say daddy and daughter might have a fun new activity together on the weekends!


June 25, 2014

Yesterday I got a Fitbit and today was the first full day using it to track my activity. A little before 11pm I noticed that I was only 1,000 steps away from my goal of 10,000 steps so I decided I was going to hit my goal and took off jogging around my kitchen loop.

Shelby was sitting at the kitchen table and thought it would be funny to capture my (not so flattering) finale especially since the majority of my jog was mocking a "Prancercise" video she had just shown me.

My jogging around and prancing made for some good laughs but hey, I made my goal!!! One day down, now I just have my whole future to get back in shape.

Here’s to a healthy tomorrow!

June 21, 2014

Six years, three children, two pets and one house later I am not the same person, but a better version of myself because of you. Thank you and I love you, my dear, sweet, patient kind, loving and understanding husband.

Candidly (I took about 500 photos in a row)
taking a moment to look at our beautiful children.

Today we spent a gloriously sunny day as a family. First we went to the mall - per Tyler’s request - then out to lunch at PF Chang’s. We headed home for Vivian’s nap which ended up being amazingly long so Tyler went to get his hair cut and mowed the lawn while I did some household chores and organizing. Once Vivian woke up (around 5:15pm!) we headed out to Redmond Town Center for some outdoor shopping and a picnic for Viv at the water fountains where Viv was excited to run around. Conner all the while was a pleasantly sleepy baby in the stroller other than to have a meal or two.

We got home a little later than the normal bedtime and Viv got put to sleep while I nursed Conner. After the kids were settled down, Tyler and I started our dinner - special fresh caught jumbo prawns and lemon garlic linguine that Tyler picked up along with some beautiful flowers from Pike Place Market. As luck would have it, there must have been some anniversary magic at play because both children slept while we had a relaxing dinner just the two of us.

After that we just enjoyed the evening together and watched a movie. Doesn’t get much better than this!

Smile! What two lives together can make.
June 18, 2014
All smiles with me and my little man

I thought time went fast with one kiddo, well now that there are two it seems to go twice as fast! Conner is already a month old and he is growing like a weed. He is even starting to grow out of some newborn sized clothing.

At two weeks he was already a whopping 8 pounds even (up 7 oz since birth) and now he is 9 pounds 5 ounces and 22 inches (up 2 inches since birth).

Getting ready for a nap snuggled in our bed.

For the first three weeks we had Conner sleeping in bed with us on a contoured pillow - which we also did with Viv - since it raised him up safely out of roll-over range and it kept him snugly in place on the pillow from the dipped contour. It also was helpful because for the first week I slept sitting up because it was too hard to lay down and then sit up to nurse after my c-section.

Ready for bed in his rock ‘n play!

Once I was feeling better and it was comfortable to lay down in bed and sit up when necessary - at three weeks - we moved Conner to the rock ‘n play next to my side of the bed. It was nice to regain space in the bed which allowed more space for me to side-lay nurse and for Tyler and I to snuggle too.

Now a month into the parenting-a-boy gig we can look back on some lessons learned. Namely that changing a little boy’s diaper is much different and harder than a girl’s! Conner is a pretty easy going baby and so far he only seems to cry when trying to tell us something. Either his diaper is wet/dirty, he is starving to death, or he has a bubble and needs to burp. Sometimes he does cry when he just wants to suck on his paci and he has lost it but otherwise he is mostly easy peasy. The only exception to this is from about 5pm to 9pm when he routinely turns into a fussy pants. That simply is the magic of the witching hour - whiny for no reason - it shall pass.


In the early part of the month Conner was sleeping like a champ. He would sleep 3-4 hour chunks of time and I would wake him to nurse. Then he started waking up more frequently requesting a meal about every hour to hour and a half because he didn’t like having large meals at night (thankfully because it limited his spit up). Once the early morning comes he prefers to snuggle and nurse on and off while side-laying and sleeping snuggled up which is fine by me - although Conner gets a bit sweaty. I am enjoying his snuggliness now while I can because I learned too late with Viv how quickly this phase passes and once he no longer wants to snuggle there is no going back. Maybe if I’m lucky he will be a total mama’s boy because Vivian is absolutely all about daddy, daddy, daddy (with some extra love for baby too).

The main challenge with Conner right now is his spitting up. Luckily it generally isn’t an issue at night (probably because of the lazy intake and I wish I could replicate our actions during the day) but during the day he gets gassy and upset and requires burping which sometimes can hold off the spitting up but other times just triggers the spit up - and I am talking letting loose a dam kind of spit up, the kind that flows down your shirt and pants and into your sandaled toes (so sorry Nora… it’s because he loves you)! Needless to say it is gross and I smell like baby barf almost constantly since I am the one generally in range and I can only get proactively lucky part of the time. Next time you see my little man, he will probably be donning a bib. It’s the only way to keep him reasonably dry.

Thankfully, Conner’s pediatrician thinks the spit up issue is because of my large supply and fast flow and his lack of ability to control flow yet rather than reflux or anything else. In time he will learn and hopefully the spitting up will lessen but until then I will just be doing a lot of laundry.

In other Conner news, he is just cute as a button and that’s about it!

June 15, 2014

Our Father’s Day weekend could not have been any better… and yet it could have… that is the reality with kiddos I think. At least that is the reality when trying to camp.

Some pretty amazing dads right here!

This weekend we had planned a Father’s Day backyard camp trip at Marissa and Kyle’s house with a whole slew of friends. We arrived around one on Saturday afternoon with the intention of everyone putting their children down for nap and us ladies surprising our men with an afternoon out at the Washington Brewer’s Festival while we took care of the children. The surprise went off without a hitch and the guys were excited to go drink beer without any cares in the world - we even had their driving all planned out so we weren’t sending them with needing someone to lay back on the beer.

An attempt at getting all the kids to relax
and watch a show as a last ditch effort
as over tiredness sets in.

The naps however were not entirely successful. Some kids slept - all at alternating times - and Vivian was not one of them. For the first half of the afternoon there were 4 moms on 6 kids but then Ale had an event to go to for a short period so we were down to 3 on 6. Then when Nora went to go pick up the boys (which took at least a solid hour) we were only 2 on 6 and that is where the tricky part really began. It felt like an eternity.

Outdoor play was so much fun!
How many kids can fit in Mini Blue?

Luckily we survived the afternoon and the dads had an amazing time at the festival. Once they got back we all set up tents and vans (us and some friends have vanagons) and started getting kids ready for bed so us adults could eat and relax a bit around a fire. Some kids went down easy, some not at all, and Vivian was sort of in the middle where she went down pretty darn easy (thanks to no nap) but she woke up a few times disoriented and scared because it was her first time sleeping up in the top of Big Blue - she was upgraded from pack ‘n play this year!

The plan for our sleeping arrangements was to have Vivian up top by herself since she isn’t really a great co-sleeper and Tyler, Conner and I would be down below sleeping. Once Vivian woke up for the who knows how many times, Tyler finally just went up and slept with her and she was happy with that. Conner and I snuggled down below and it all worked out just fine.

As it usually does with camping, the morning came much too early. Vivian started the day at 6:50am. It was drizzling (as it had been since 11:30pm) and we were glad we could retreat to Marissa’s kitchen to warm up and stay dry. The rest of the morning was relaxed with moms and kids getting up and making their way inside while the dads snoozed just a tad longer. By about 9am everyone was up and breakfast was well under way.

The kids played while we cooked and talked and enjoyed each other’s company before we all headed to our homes for family nap time.

Viv giving daddy some gifts

Camping - even in a backyard - sure takes a lot out of everyone! Tyler, Vivian, Conner and I all slept from 1pm to 4pm which was amazing. When we woke up we got to FaceTime with Ty’s mom and dad to wish his dad a happy Father’s Day before we headed out to a quick dim sum family dinner. When we got home we got to Skype with my parents to wish my dad a happy Father’s Day too.

I am so blessed to have such wonderful fathers in my life. I am so thankful that Tyler’s dad was such a great example and helped shape the amazing father and man that Tyler has become and I am also thankful to my father for being an amazing dad to show me what to look for in a man and partner. We love you both!

I am grateful every single day for Tyler, my husband, father to my children. The patience, love and respect he shows me and the kids is saint worthy. Vivian and Conner are so very lucky to have such an amazing dad to grow up with. One who would do anything to make his kids happy - even if it makes his lovely wife less than happy sometimes - but that’s just what fun and loving dads do! I love you!

Happy Father’s Day!

Just another day at home with my awe-inspiring husband.
June 11, 2014
Asking for a “treat” in order to
get a picture of her sitting still

Someone please tell me how my child is already a year and a half old. Eighteen months! She is such a little person it amazes me and each day she learns something new it seems. I love watching her grow but sometimes it just goes way too fast. Before I know it she will be saying full sentences and then in school and then getting married!

Ok I may have just aged her a bit quicker than it really is going but it still amazes me how fast time can go and how quickly Viv seems to change. Lately Vivian’s communication seems to be the big developmental difference. Sure she has semi-mastered the use of a fork and is getting better (aka less clumsy) with a real cup but her language and vocabulary seems to be growing by leaps and bounds with new words each day.

Playing with little brother

Vivian has been quite the chatter box lately. Ever since about 14 months she started talking and hasn’t stopped! She has so many words now although quite a few are only understood by us because of how she says them. Viv currently can’t say the C/K sounds or Rs so they generally sound like “Ch/T” and “du” respectively. For example “book” is more like “botch”.

Water baby!

Such a good big sister

She says so much and will try to repeat just about anything but her favorite and most frequently used words that we hear multiple times a day lately - in no particular order - are:

  • book
  • stuck
  • weeee
  • uh oh
  • hi
  • buh bye
  • baby
  • “dondu” (Conner)
  • up
  • down
  • more
  • “peas” (please)
  • no
  • go
  • yummy
  • help
  • mama
  • dada
  • Lu
  • water (which she can say with an R for some reason)
  • night night
  • yucky
  • "nak" (snack)
  • hungry
  • poop
  • eggs
  • "die" (done)
  • treat
Look at this sass:
"I need all the crayons… or else!"

Vivian is also getting pretty dramatic and slightly manipulative. She understands pretty much everything we say so we have been able to start reasoning with her - i.e. “Viv you cannot have any fruit until you have another bite of chicken.” She also has been learning how to tattle in her own way. If Tyler does something she didn’t like she will come running over to me and point at Tyler and say on repeat “Mama, Dada!” While pointing at Tyler accusingly. It’s actually pretty funny how two simple words can show so much meaning and emotion when in the right tone and context.

It has been both fun and challenging as we get deeper into toddlerhood. I look forward to seeing how my little girl continues to grow into herself. I just hope the tantrum phase goes quick! (Wishful thinking perhaps.)


June 9, 2014

Our days in a nutshell.

Hanging around the house, going out to play, storytime with a fairy, cousin time at the Center for Wooden Boats, playing in fountains and relaxing in the sun!


June 1, 2014

Conner’s first visit to Zachary’s bench!


May 30, 2014
I found this Little Tikes van in rough but fixable shape and had to bring it home for Viv (and Tyler). I knew it would be a hit with both of them and I was right. Upon getting home from work and seeing the mini blue van Tyler immediately went to work power washing it, fixing it up and searching the internet for decals. Today the VW emblems came and were promptly installed. Now Vivian has her own Mini Blue!

I found this Little Tikes van in rough but fixable shape and had to bring it home for Viv (and Tyler). I knew it would be a hit with both of them and I was right. Upon getting home from work and seeing the mini blue van Tyler immediately went to work power washing it, fixing it up and searching the internet for decals. Today the VW emblems came and were promptly installed. Now Vivian has her own Mini Blue!

May 29, 2014

Yesterday was the day little man was due. Of course Conner has now been in our lives for a little over a week and we couldn’t be more thrilled. He is such a wonderful addition to our family. Right now we are getting into the groove of our new normal with the help of family and friends.

Yesterday I woke up at 8:15am and got my first shower in much too long - thank God for dry shampoo - and while both of my children continued sleeping I went out and made a pancake breakfast. We had to wake Vivian at 10am so we could get the day going. She must be going through a growth spurt or something because she has been sleeping like a champ! Meanwhile Conner continued to snooze away through breakfast.

We headed out the door to storytime slightly later than anticipated but arrived on time… Or so I thought until Shelby informed me it started at 11am not my planned 11:30am. Oops! I suppose my first day feeling on the ball had to have some sort of small snag.

Anyway, today makes the very end of my fourth pregnancy and I am so very happy with the outcome. Our little man couldn’t be more perfect.


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