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March 3, 2014

This accidental video sums up life with Vivian pretty well. Haha I love this kid.

February 27, 2014

I hardly ever indulge in drinks during meals out - especially not caffeinated beverages. Tuesday however I decided an iced tea sounded pretty good at lunch thinking that noon was plenty early for any caffeine consumption as it tends to keep me up at night. Apparently I was wrong.

I’m not sure if it was the caffeine alone or that paired with a bout of anxiety that kept me from being able to fall asleep. Sure I was exhausted but sleep would not come to me. I hate that feeling of insomnia.

I was worried about our little man. I’m not sure if I’ve just been too busy to notice or if movements truly had decreased but either way I was unsettled and enough so to make an appointment with Dr. Case. Luckily they were able to get me in bright and early Wednesday morning for the first appointment.

Since I had to take my glucose test this week I also decided yesterday morning would be a good time - get it over with and jump start any movement with the sugar rush. I drank the lemon-lime sugar drink at 7:45am and was in to get blood drawn at 8:45am. Of course I took my own test right then as well so I could know my results immediately - no surprises this time. My blood sugar was 171. Not great. I tested another hour later and this time it was 84 which was excellent. (Note: 1 hour after eating it should be less than 130 and 2 hours after eating it should be less than 120 for non-diabetics.) I had to go straight to my appointment with Dr. Case after my test then directly to a meeting so by the time I got done with that I really felt my sugars crash and needed to eat ASAP. Not great meal planning on my part!

One reason I chose to do my glucose test yesterday was because if anything would get baby boy moving it would be a sugar drink. I was right but I am also wondering if my results were skewed because of the anxiety causing my insulin to be irregular. Heck, maybe that’s why I had gestational diabetes with Vivian’s pregnancy! In fact after dinner that night I had chicken, beans, a little sweet potato and a glass of tangerine juice (which would be tricky to get good numbers with) but my blood sugar was only 93 so I am really hoping Dr. Lacy will allow me to continue monitoring myself and not do all the hubbub of going in weekly to talk to a nurse - I think I know the drill by now and have already been quite diligent in monitoring myself.

Anyway, after my blood test I headed in to see Dr. Case to get to the bottom of the lack of movement concern. My blood pressure was high - go figure - and that always starts comments of concern about me from the nurse but I assured the nurse (who was new) that it would probably be fine at the end of the appointment and that it was pretty typical for me before getting the reassurance and she joked that it better be or I wasn’t going to work today… if only! Spoiler, my blood pressure was rock solid by the end and I was free to go on my merry way.

So to the fun and hugely reassuring part. Little man is perfect. He has huge chubby cheeks that Viv never had and huge kissable goldfish lips just like his big brother.

First thing I saw were his perfect little feet
in front of his face.

The reason he has not been moving much - no, it was not in my head, I am not entirely crazy - is because he is FRANK BREECH!!!!!!!

I just laughed when I found out. Of course he is. Why wouldn’t one of my children follow the rules of the womb and stay head down?

I felt a huge amount of relief knowing that the movement changes were for a perfectly fine reason. Sure, this may alter the whole plan for a VBAC - assuming he doesn’t move which is still very much possible - but I could care less. He is still perfectly healthy and thriving!

Our perfect little cheeky man.

Thriving so much so that he is currently about 2 lbs 5 oz which is right on track for his gestational age (27 weeks today) and estimating to be around 8.5-9 lbs if he goes at this rate to full 40 weeks.

So that is the excitement going on with me these days. Now time to relax again and enjoy this silly little man who is playing tricks on mama. Boy are we in for it with him!

  • Size of baby: About the size of a head of cauliflower (measuring about 15 inches from head to rump and about 2.3 lbs according to the ultrasound)
  • Weight gain: I am now up 13.9 pounds total this whole pregnancy.
  • Symptoms experienced: My coccyx pain is now under control from regular twice weekly and finally decreased to just weekly chiropractic appointments. Now my only woe has been charlie horses (leg cramps) that wake me up and make me shoot out of bed like a fat ninja to try and bend my foot before it gets stuck in the most painful position ever. Unfortunately I am not as quick as a ninja when it comes to getting out of bed and when I get a charlie horse the muscle pain tends to last a few days.
  • How I feel: Dry. My face has been extremely dry and irritated lately - lots of flaking, redness, tightness and just general uncomfortable and not pretty. Everyone keeps saying “it’s the pregnancy glow” but I sure as hell don’t feel glowing especially at the end of the day when my eyes are burning and I am exhausted too. But knowing my little man is healthy and perfect makes feeling anything good or bad totally worth it.
  • What I’ve been craving: Sour. Lemon-lime (heavier on the lime) like virgin margaritas or sour limeade.
  • What I miss: All the crazy jabbing from my little man. Now it is dull bulging every once in a while and pressure up in my ribs. Now that I know he is breech I can’t help but realize that DUH this is the exact same as Viv. In fact two nights ago he got hiccups for the first time and I thought to myself how it was strange that they were in the same place as when Viv got them and that I thought they would be located somewhere else since he was head down… hindsight.
  • Best moment: Seeing little man on the ultrasound and looking at those chubby, kissable cheeks.
  • Items purchased: Vivian got some new boots for next fall but little man still has nothing. I did wash up the infant car seat in preparation for him though. It’s amazing how it looks like brand new now!
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February 21, 2014

I haven’t written in quite a while. It doesn’t seem like there is much to write about lately. Life has been going pretty smoothly and has been consistently the same for the most part - work during the week with low key weekends spent finding fun things to do with Vivian.

Daddy makes everything feel better.

Last weekend, after Valentine’s Day, Vivian got sick and came down with a fever of 101.4 that evening. It went down Saturday to in the 99 degree range but she was then snotty and coughing like crazy. By Sunday the fever was gone but snot and coughs were in full force and sleeping was little-to-none for the next few nights because she’d wake up in horrible coughing fits. No fun for anyone in our house! Luckily none of us adults seemed to catch it but it was a bummer because on Saturday she and Tyler had to miss little Vivian’s first birthday brunch and on Monday she also missed her birthday playdate. So sad. But I went to celebrate and had a blast!

The weekend prior Tyler, Viv and I went to breakfast Saturday morning and during nap I did some much overdue garden cleanup and weeding. After nap, Ty wanted to take Viv to the mall to play and we impromptu met up with Nora, Adam and River to let the kiddos play then grabbed a bite to eat for dinner. At dinner it started to really snow for the first time this year and it actually stuck! By the time we were driving home there was good accumulation and the Seattle drivers were acting all sorts of dumb.

Since we live up a very large hill we knew we’d run into problems and were not surprised when we came to a long line of stuck cars. Thankfully the lineup ended right before we could turn into a secret back entrance to our neighborhood. We passed a few other stuck cars in the hills within our neighborhood and even stopped to ask if anyone needed help. When we got home we saw that Shelby was out and hoped she’d be able to make it home ok - thankfully her car also had four wheel drive and she has east coast driving skills like us so all ended up fine.

The snow continued falling throughout the night and we woke to a winter wonderland. Of course it didn’t stick around for long and was mostly melted by midday. Needless to say, we stayed indoors nice and cozy.

Other than that, the Super Bowl was three weekends ago and of course our Seattle Seahawks murdered the Denver Broncos much to our city’s delight. There was all sorts of excitement all over and it even now the high energy is just starting to fade. We didn’t make it to the celebratory parade but apparently much of Seattle and surrounding areas did and it was a huge street party with hundreds of thousands of people (nearing the millions I believe).

Now jumping back to present, this weekend we are hosting a playdate and then are going to celebrate Marissa’s birthday which is actually today!

Other than that, pretty low key which has been really nice although I am ready for the go-go-go of fun activities that spring and summer brings!


February 20, 2014
26 week belly!

26 week belly!


February 16, 2014

My Valentines


February 13, 2014

I got cleared by Dr. Lacy to try for a vaginal birth (VBAC) this time around!!! Of course there are a few caveats such as the plan goes out the window if:

So all in all, I am pretty excited at the possibility of getting to labor and actually look forward to the result rather than dread what is coming next as was sadly the case with Zachary after my 12 hour labor knowing I was delivering a dead baby.

And of course, if plans change and I can’t do a VBAC I will be just as thrilled because I will do whatever it takes to bring a healthy baby home. End of story.


February 8, 2014
Saturday morning family breakfast date!

Saturday morning family breakfast date!

February 6, 2014

This is a point in pregnancy I am always very happy to reach - viability. Now at 24 weeks along, this little guy could survive outside my womb. With lots of help, he would have a fighting chance if something happened.

Of course, I prefer to keep my littlest cupcake cooking for as long as possible!

February 4, 2014

The other day I was chatting with Marissa about a friend of hers who adopted a child from Russia. The child was 12 months old and came fully potty trained because the orphanages cannot afford diapers so they make the children sit on the toilet for 20 minutes after meals starting very early.

This got me thinking… why not give that method a try? Sure, I wasn’t going to force Vivian to sit on her potty for 20 minutes if she hated it or didn’t want to, but heck, what did we have to lose?

Since I am working from home this week fully utilizing my flexible work arrangement as Shelby is out of town on vacation, I thought the timing was right to experiment. So today after breakfast I pulled out Vivian’s potty that I purchased at IKEA long before she was even born and into the bathroom it went.

I grabbed a few books so we could make it fun and planned to see how long she would tolerate it - especially since my little miss is always on the go - and see if she would go.

Concentrating hard!

To my complete surprise she loved sitting on the potty with books, reading and listening to my encouragement after every few read words “go potty, you can pee pee” not knowing exactly what to say since this was a totally new and random suggestion she probably never has heard before.

Within about five minutes she was done. She started squirming and was ready to do something else. As she was trying to wiggle off the potty I saw movement inside… there was pee!

I didn’t even realize or hear her go but she did! We had a celebration that she had no interest in because she wanted to go play. So off we went.

Later after lunch I figured we’d give it another go since we were so successful after breakfast. We walked hand in hand to the bathroom while I kept telling her we were going to go potty now.

Mid-“Yay!” celebration.
Reading on the potty is so exciting!

She instantly wanted to climb onto the potty but I had to take her diaper and pants off first - this was a good sign! Once seated on her little green and white throne we started reading again. She flipped through pages while I encouraged her to go potty, tinkle and pee pee.

Not very long after it was apparent she was going poop! And at that moment I realized I was not prepared for that - I had no wipes.

The smart thing would have been to just use toilet paper and forget the wipes but I thought Viv looked content with her books and I made a mad dash to the diaper bag about 20 feet away. In that 10 seconds things changed.

Viv wanted to get off the potty now being done and she didn’t quite know how, so out came the potty insert with her and her mess. I got there just in time to watch it happen. All I could do is just continue congratulating and cheering while cleaning her up. (Of course I snapped a photo but it  isn’t quite appropriate for the internet as my little Vivi’s buns and mess are shown.)

The mess got on the bath mat and one of the books but I’m pretty sure that rug needed to be washed anyway and that book - well, I’ve got disinfecting wipes. So I cleaned up Viv’s leg - ironically I wouldn’t have even needed wipes and toilet paper would have served just fine - before we got a diaper back on and headed down to get ready for nap.

After her two hour nap Vivian woke up with a dry diaper so up to the potty we went. She sat down and peed right away. I’m in shock.

I’ve got to say, I am one proud mama. Even if I am not intending to actually and fully potty train right now - I think we will continue the “Russian Orphanage Method” to decrease diapers a little if possible.


February 2, 2014
Way to go Seahawks!!!!!!

Way to go Seahawks!!!!!!

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